Owner Services

​​​​​​When you contract with us to manage your rental property we will implement thisProcess:


  • Inspect the home: Note any red flags and develop a plan to remedy them with you. Recommend repairs and/or updates to enhance the home to attract the maximum number of potential tenants. Verify the presence of working smoke and carbon dioxide detectors and proper water heater strapping.
  • Determine the highest rental value:  Prepare a market survey of similar rents in the area and choose the best possible rental amount to maximize your income, while still being competitive.
  • Prepare the home to market:  Focus on curb appeal, cleanliness, repairs, any liability issues, and stage the home, if necessary.
  • Advertise and show your home:  We take pictures, write inviting descriptions, publish on-line to over 100 sites, field inquiries, schedule individual showings, and direct serious tenants to complete an application on-line.
  • Tenant screening:  Review tenant applications; verify income & employment, contact previous landlords, review credit report and determine if FICO score is within an acceptable range, review criminal report. Choose the best tenant, being mindful of fair housing laws, communicate acceptance. Notify all rejected applicants in writing with a formal Denial of Rental Application. 
  • Sign your new lease: Personally meet with your new tenant to go over terms and expectations, including their responsibility to maintain the property, notify us with repair requests, maintain their own rental insurance, rent payment procedures, and  HOA rules, if applicable. Collect the security deposit, first months rent and a copy of their Renter's Insurance policy. Do a complete walk-through of the property with the tenant, using a detailed Move-In/Move-Out Checklist. Deliver keys and remotes. 
  • Owner Statements: A monthly statement, detailing income and expenses, is emailed to the Owner(s). Owner draws are deposited directly into the Owner's bank account, avoiding mailing time and the need to take a check to the bank. Year end Summary Statements and 1099's are emailed by January 25th of the following year.
  • Make payments for Owner Bills:  We will pay your mortgage, taxes, insurance, HOA dues, landscape maintenance fees, and utilities, etc., if requested, from rental income.
  • Solve challenges with tenants:  Deal with unauthorized occupants and pets, noise complaints, liability issues (a trampoline, for instance), water conservation,​ habitability issues (mold, for instance), lease or HOA violations, late rent payments, landscape maintenance and breach of contract issues.
  • Periodic inspections:  Make an appointment with the tenant to view the home every six months, and notify you of the current condition of your home.
  • Repair requests:  Service requests are generated on-line and handled as quickly and efficiently as possible, with our trusted team of contractors. All are licensed, bonded and insured. Tenants may contact manager via cell phone during an emergency. We want our tenants to be happy!
  • Collect Rent: Notify tenants of non-payment on the 5th of the month. Charge a late fee. Advise them that if rent is not paid within 30 days, legal procedures will commence.
  • Evict non-performing tenants:  We have an attorney on call to immediately process evictions.
  • Move Out:  Notify owner immediately upon receipt of a 30 day notice from tenant. Immediately begin advertising for a new tenant. At vacancy, do a Move-Out walk-through with the original checklist, with the tenant. Bring in contractors to give repair estimates, if applicable. Refund security deposit, less repairs, late fees or other chargeable deductions, with written notification.
  • Innovative Technology:  Personal Owner Portal on our website to access statements and more. Tenant Portal allows your tenant to pay rent online, with either a credit card or with direct deposit, and to make a maintenance or repair request on-line.
  • Cutting edge communication: Keeping you informed, marketing a vacancy as soon as it is known, and  communicating with  tenants, are all priorities that are handled swiftly and efficiently with our state-of-the-art software.
  • Do all this all over again!
  • Thinking of selling your rental property? We can do it all!  Just give us a call and we will customize a proposal for you!  


As an Owner of rental property, you can experience financial risks and loss

from eviction costs, property damage, legal costs and extended periods of vacancy.

As owners of rental properties ourselves, we strive to eliminate all of these risks to the greatest possible extent!

We manage your home as if it were our home! 

Put our 30+ years of real estate experience to work for you, and see the difference we can make in your peace of mind, and in your pocket!

Ready to take the next step? Fill out the Owner Questionnaire and we will  contact you to design a management plan to best serve your needs!